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Eileen McCall


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Hi! My name’s Eileen, and I love making cool stuff on the web. Feel free to take a look around, take off your shoes and stay while.

You look great today, by the way.

Kind words from colleagues and clients.

She knows her shit.
— Jessie Puls
(former manager)
Whenever we don't understand something, we go to Eileen.
— Alex Rodriguez
(former coworker)
Highly organized, incredibly focused, and brimming with talent, it’s a marvel Eileen can always find time to be a fun-loving coworker who brings life into whatever office she’s in.
— Lauren Matysik
(former coworker)
I would highly recommend her for any team and would love to work with her again.
— Nicholas Favero
(CTO/Lead Developer at mTreatment)